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Creating a scroll with the Malaysian Mental Health Association

After speaking at Westmisnter and participating in the Tomorrow's Child exhbition I have since launched my Mental Health 4 All campaign. Speaking at the 2nd Asia Pacific Conference on Mental Health in Singapore was a great honour. Dr Ang at the Malaysian Mental Health Association invited me. I met many like minded individuals and learnt about what was happenng in the rest of South East Asia in the realm of mental health. 

It has now been confirmed that I will give two talks, screen my fllm White Wall and also show examples of my work at Club Heal and SACs in Singapore. I can continue my mental health campaigning, disseminate my knowledge and hopefully a domino effect will ensure. If I educate one person, they in turn educate another.

It was also exciting to work on A Day in My Head, creating a book cover is always a challenge, but my design seems to have gone down well - phew!

I was also delighted to hear that my letter will be published in the book The Recovery Letters, which I hope will help many people suffering mental torment in 2017

I have to edit Dented, my second volume of poems, it will be published next year. And I hope to complete The Tree People by 2017, my first chidren's book, it's taking forever. My publisher wants me to make little films of me reciting my poems, too.

I am giving a talk and screening my film at Silverfish Books in Kuala Lumpr and another talk and screening at Uni Tech Mara, too in October and November 2016

But what I am really excited about is the new scroll I created with patients at the Malaysian Mental Health Assocation, it was intense making it on one month, but it was a great collaboration and I am so happy MMHA commissioned the work. They have now asked me to make some pilot films related to mental health which I start shooting in November/December in Malaysia and London working with the filmmaker Matthew Lynch.

I am preparing to speak at the Houses of Parliamet again in Decemer about maternal mental health

It's not easy managing everything, my mental health, the children, my work, sometimes I feel that everything is stacked against me. I get frustrated and disillusioned with the art world and fed up with social media and just want to pack it all in, feelng dissatisfied with everything that I do. It seems life as an artist is destined to be a struggle. But then I just pick myself up and trudge on. Glass half full rght. I took my children to Ilham Gallery, great show, great space. 

Instil art and culture in nascent minds and make them curious about the world. I think my main problem is I have so much in my head and I cannot keep up with the ideas so I can feel defeated when I see the long lists of what I want to do getting longer.  It seems relentless and never ending.

Failure is part of the learning curve though, you just have to keep going despite all the set backs you face. Because there are hardly any prominent Bangladeshi female artists, so the few of us who are trying to make art and say someting we have to keep goong no matter what.