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2020 - Fight or Flight

Just recevied news that Pigment Explosion has been awarded an Arts Council grant towards our next project Fight or Flight which will be used to fund a multi media project related to C-PTSD.

Later this year I will be speakimg at conference at Rome about the issue of Precarity and sharing my work, too.

2020 will see the publication of The Tree People which I have been working on for 23 years on and off - that is a massive achievement for me. But my motto has always been finish what you start.

The last few years have been busy for Pigment Explosion. In 2018 I went to the Rohignya refugee camps in Coxs Bazar as a volunteer and it was a very intense and life changing experience. I took hundreds of photos and shot footage which I turned into a film Rohingya Lives Matter, which has now been screened in London and Brussels. The screenig was funded by the Arts Council. I am continuing to make work related to the Rohingya until they get the justice they deserve.

Since 2016 I started making music and 2020 sees the release of my first album Denial, I signed with Pulse Soundworks and can play keyboards and guitar now. I can't image life without making music now. So this is indeed a radical development in my practice.

May 2020 see the continued growth and development of pigmentexplosion, it's been 20 years now that my organisatiom has been going and that is something to celebrate.